Small Part Educator, Mostly Agitator, Full-time Edgy.

Posted: January 12, 2009 in Uncategorized

agitator. n. One that agitates, disturbs, and stirs up trouble.

edgy. adj. Socially dangerous or daring; intellectually provocative; tending to induce unease or stress in viewers. Especially used to describe artistic and intellectual work.

And, it’s a spin on my name/initials: Ed-G.

Overall, a blog with simple babblings of one who’d like to share new sounds, random thoughts, and occasional New York City tales with those who care to listen…maybe some things will be learned along the way.

No promises.


  1. SpaceyTracy says:

    I’m gonna be all over this like Britney on a Percoset!

  2. Charlisse says:

    And this is why we are friends, awesome dude!

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