Sign O’ the Times (My Life, Not the Prince Album)

Posted: January 21, 2009 in Ed-G Tales

I was convinced that time was on my side this morning.

I woke up a half hour before my alarm clock set off, dressed without rushing, and just operated smoother than usual.

Before heading out for work, I reached for one of my watches, and realized that five of my watches had gone dead.  Caput.  Five watches with batteries that had been replaced less than a year ago.  Five watches that were fully functional as of last month. Five.

Maybe this is a sign of bad times ahead. 

Or, maybe this is a sign from God telling me that I shouldn’t go back to the watch repair shop downstairs from my apartment…

  1. JayVee says:

    or maybe it’s a sign that JaComa & Eddie need to visit our fav lil shopping outlet “upstate” if only you were willing to come to CT again.

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