Chris Garneau Will Return During the Not-so Dreary Months.

Posted: February 11, 2009 in Uncategorized

The most uplifting news during the middle of the winter doldrums in NYC is knowing that Chris Garneau will return with a sophomore effort, out this spring. His debut album, Music For Tourists, was a solid piece of piano-heavy gloom that metaphorically told his story, but left you with more questions than answers to his past and present.  Consider it brilliance.  Regardless, his album, his performances, his lyrics, all come with a high recommendation.  I guess the doldrums will spill over into the spring of 09, because gut tells me that his follow-up, El Radio, will keep us in this mopey state.

El Radio Track Listing:

1. The Leavi​ng Song
2. Dirty​ Night​ Clown​s
3. Raw and Awake
4. Hands​ on the Radio
5. No More Pirat​es
6. Firef​lies
7. Homet​own Girls
8. Over and Over
9. The Cats & Kids
10. Lucio​les en re Mineu​r
11. Thing​s She Said
12. Pirat​es Repri​se

Check out a raw performance of Garneau, shot at a bar in Paris, France.

  1. Jackie says:

    it’s probably unhealthy that we drawn to tortured souls.

  2. theedgitator says:

    They are our reason for living!

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