Leona Naess: “Thirteens” Going on Another 13…

Posted: February 17, 2009 in Hot Trax, What's Ed-G:
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Leona Naess returned in late 2008, after a 5-year hiatus that included a search and switch to a new record label and the tragic death of her father.  Her long-awaited album, Thirteens, delivered the peaceful sounds and heartfelt lyrics that bring some doom but still give a bit of an uplift (listen to “Leave Your Boyfriends”).

Part of Naess’ attraction is how humble and honest she comes across – on both her album and during her performances – at times she will ask for the audience to help in a forgotten lyric or will even invite some to play background vocals and instruments. Her latest act of humility is giving her die-hard fans 13 b-sides to her latest album – for free (in an interview, she admits to calling the album Thirteens because she wrote enough songs in the past few years to compile 13 albums – let’s hope those albums are eventually released).   For  now, you can go to http://www.findthe13.com and download the b-sides absolutely free.  A bit of a scavenger for some tracks, but worth it.

And here’s a video from the single that launched her career back in 2000, Charm Attack.



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