Sign O’ the Times (My Life, Not the Prince Album)

Posted: March 13, 2009 in Ed-G Tales

Last night, I crashed a Rolling Stone magazine party – because that’s just what people do…

While standing around with a friend, one of her acquaintances approached her.  It was a man, well into his 40s, and she introduced us.

The conversation went like this, just SECONDS after shaking his hand:

Man (reaches over and grabs the collar of my shirt, looks perturbed):  “Is that flannel?” (shocked delivery)

Me:  “Yeah, actually.”

Man: “I thought only lesbians wore flannel.”

Me (without missing a beat): “You must not go out in the Lower East Side.”

Awkward silence, followed by uncomfortable laughter.

He exited left.

  1. JayVee says:

    your girl KC wore flannel in an interview yesterday — just saying.

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