Peter Bjorn & John Lay It Down For Us…

Posted: March 24, 2009 in Hot Trax, What's Ed-G:
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Peter Bjorn &  John…

You’ve managed to rock the socks off of Kanye West with “Nothing to Worry About” – a victory in itself because who can honestly impress Kanye West these days?  West leaked the single on his own blog – this after Kanye jumped onstage and joined them at a Swedish Music Festival in ’07, adding his touch to “Young Folks”.  Download “Nothing to Worry About” for free, courtesy of Spin Magazine.

The new album, Living Thing, hits stores March 31st, but the the album can be streamed on their myspace page this week.  Just about past the halfway mark now, and “Lay it Down” has already become the favorite.  Press play, repeat, repeat, repeat… 


Well done, PB&J.  Yet another Swedish act to go nuts about (no pun intended).


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