Posted: March 25, 2009 in What's Ed-G:

I miss Poe.  She had/has that edge.  File this under one of the most overlooked/underrated artists out there – a shame.  Her debut album, Hello, is still one of the best – a classic in my book.

Head to MTV’s music vault (here) to watch her official videos, or catch some of them below…

(Check out the “psycho” lose it on the drums towards the end of the video…)

“I wanna kill you…I wanna blow you.  Away.”


 I can’t see your face
But you left a trace on a data back-road
That I almost erased
Not even God takes this long to get back
So get back

But there’s nothing more sadistic than an infant
Waving his pistol in my face
He wants me right down on my knees
Crumbling in disgrace
But he underestimates my mind
I know he’s messing with my head
My only weakness is
I can’t believe the guy could be entirely dead
Can’t talk to a psycho like a normal human being
Trigger Happy Jack
You’re gonna blow
But I’m gonna get off
before you go
My Trigger Happy Jack is just a
drive by a go-go

  1. Tracy says:

    ummm i listen to angry johnny on the treadmill like EVERY DAY!!! i need that album….off to the bat-amazon

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