Posted: March 29, 2009 in Hot Trax, What's Ed-G:
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From the land of Sondre Lerche the great, comes Flunk – a Norwegian band brought to my attention by Hollis, one half of the famous Pica sisters of local Baltimore fame.

Flunk’s sound brings a more haunting sound to the classic Portishead tracks, with vocals that resemble that of Bjork’s and Sabinna Scuibba’s (of NYC’s own Brazilian Girls).  On their track, “Common Sense,” the arrangement is one that Kim Deal of the Pixies/the Breeders would have created – it’s edgy electronica with all the right drum hits in the right places.  Flunk is also not afraid to take on classic covers, including a re-done “Karma Police”, giving it a sexy turn.  Props to any band that can dare take a cover of Radiohead and pull it off.

Visit Flunk’s myspace to listen to their tracks, and check out “Common Sense” here (it’s also available as a free download on the band’s own website: http://flunkmusic.com/flunkschool/).  Yet another band being generous to fans.  Take advantage of it…



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