A PSA: On a very serious note…

Posted: April 3, 2009 in Ed-G Tales
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Last Friday night, around 6:45p, as I hurried home, talking on my cell phone, a guy that seemed to just be loitering about a block away from my apartment building coincidentally decided to bump into me – hard.  Typical in NYC, I didn’t flinch.  I kept walking and kept my conversation going on my cell phone.  Behind me, I heard a man following me and calling out “Sir…Sir…Sir?”.  I ignored him, picked up my pace, and realized he had kicked his walking into high gear as well.

Panic mode set in, I walked into a restaurant beneath my building as he followed right behind my footsteps.  I ended my call and stood in front of the workers before I finally decided to stop ignoring him. I turned to him, and asked what he needed…this was his response:

“You bumped into me.  You broke my glasses.”

He pulled out a pair of worn out glasses, one lens completely shattered – so shattered that a hammer could’ve been the cause of all that damage – not by a hard bump.  I refused to admit that I had done that.  He continued to accuse me. I apologized to him, saying those are the kinds of things that happen everyday – an accident, not intentional, and an apology is all I had to offer.

He was so persistent and so convinced that I had done this – he wouldn’t let it go.  Ignorant as ever, a part of me thought that maybe I had – maybe it was a freak accident because the prop he brought with him was obviously a very old and worn out pair of eyeglasses, easily destructible.  I told him that I didn’t have any money to give, if that’s what he was after.  He never flat out asked for money, but it was assumed that some bills would likely end all of this.  As he became more aggressive, to the point of threatening, a worker stepped in and said he needed to leave the restaurant and threatened to call the cops.

The guy became extemely irritated.  His mood changed. And as he walked away, cursing, he turned to me and said, “I’ll be waiting for you outside.”

My apartment is two doors down – I could maybe get passed him, I thought.  The worker called the cops, and I just waited – probably the best course of action.

I met with the cops, and the guy had disappeared.  I still gave my story.  I walked to my place, and blocked it out.  It was the first time, in all of my years in NYC, where I thought my own personal safety was at risk.  That situation could’ve been much uglier.

I blocked it out entirely, sort of in denial that all of that went down – didn’t let it ruin my night or the rest of the weekend.

I finally told the story to a few colleagues today, only to find out, I’m one of many in NYC that have experienced this in the past week.

THIS RIGHT HERE…is not cool, assholes.

Your little scam and your little mind tricks can’t get you too far.  Unfortunately, the one guy that decided to attempt this on me Friday night is still out there.  I hope he’s still strolling the Financial District, because there’s a report out there that describes that very distinct deformity on his face that I described to the cops.  Get your thrill while you can.

Be careful out there.




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