Posted: April 8, 2009 in Sirens

I’m sucked in.  I’d call Lily Allen a guilty pleasure, but truth is, she’s legitimately talented, despite her unnecessary rants about drug abuse and ridiculous twitter feuds with Perez Hilton.  He must feel threatened by talent, right?

Allen’s latest album, It’s Not Me, It’s You, is pretty damn near perfect.  Blender magazine (R.I.P.) reviewed it best:  “Part God, part country, all middle finger”.  It should be a part of anyone’s music collection, exceeding the greatness of her debut album,  Alright, Still.

Check out her performance at Jimmy Kimmel’s show from April 3rd, and her country-western inspired video for her new single “Not Fair.”  Between “The Fear” and “Not Fair”, it’s nice to see EMI investing top dollars for production on her first two releases.  She’s also looking really good these days…


  1. anonymous says:

    In 2008 Perez Hilton included in his blog, that Lily Allen did not handle her (then) pregnancy as a responsible adult. And also included that the loss was her fault. That ”’CERTAINLY would be good reason to use four letter words, that define his lack of personality. The war of words on Lily Allen’s twitter page, was just petty bitching, from the both of them. However these are the only two incidents that they have had. It’s not an on going war between them, just a showing of Perez Hilton’s insecurities.

  2. Kayla C says:

    Lily Allen unnecessary rant about drug abuse was a quote taken out of context, when she was asked about her song Everyone’s at it, ( Observational lyrics about drug abuse in today’s society.) The statement that encourages kids to try drugs to see if they like them is false. Lily Allen has taken legal action, against News of the wold for printing it.

  3. theedgitator says:

    Sadly, I’m one of the many millions of suckers that follow Perez on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis – his style is unbearable but he keeps me up to date. I think his constant insults (almost every single post re: Lily) toward her make it seem like it’s an ongoing feud, which likely isn’t. It draws attention to him – and in turn, it keeps her sorta relevant, so I’m okay with that. I know Lily hasn’t kept silent, but at least she stays consistent; whereas one day, Perez praises her and the next day he’s caddy.

    Kayla, good to know about the News of the World. I hear that “Everyone’s At It” is her next single and a video’s been shot; looking forward to it.

    And I’m hoping that reports are not true, claiming she’s “quitting” music for a bit.


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