Lissy Trullie @ Union Hall; April 9, 2009

Posted: April 12, 2009 in Concert Report
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Union Hall in Park Slope, Brooklyn welcomed Lissy Trullie to jump on the small stage in their downstairs bar, packing the room for a quick 35-minute show.  The setlist covered the tracks featured in her new EP, Self-taught Learner – and included Hot Chip’s cover of “Ready for the Floor” – a definite standout during her April 9th gig.

Trullie carries that New York underground-rock sound perfectly, almost making her style and vocals feel like you’re witnessing a new Chrissie Hynde erupt naturally.  On “Boy Boy”, her baritone voice seeps through a pop-infused punk track that could have easily been inspired by New Order’s “Age of Consent” (also known as that awesome track used in Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette trailer).

Just as mesmerizing as the tracks and her comfort on stage was her undeniable hotness – without the effort.  Her androgynous look is softer in person vs magazine shots – European model looks (although she’s 100% American) with a cut-to-the-chase tude.  No comedic banter between songs, just the straight up punk-rock performance.

New York Magazine got it right – she is the epitome of “downtown cool” and her show was an excellent showcase, on a smaller level, of great things to come.



  1. Tracy says:

    She’s fun. I felt hip at that show…even with the kindergarten argument with strangers

  2. Pete F says:

    Great gig. I saw Lissy a while back and she has definitely stepped her game up. The band sounded great and the EP is solid. The person I came with never heard of her and was won over as was I. Good to see others are starting to notice too.

  3. theedgitator says:

    Definitely – I think it’s an awesome start for her – and it helps when she has that NYC underground buzz going on already. Sick music, and it also helps to have one of the hottest album covers I’ve seen so far this year…

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