Rachael Yamagata & Dan Wilson Team Up at NYC’s City Winery; April 10, 2009

Posted: April 12, 2009 in Concert Report
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Before breaking into “Sunday Afternoon”, it was made clear to everyone at City Winery that the song was written with the intent of giving someone the “permission to obsess” – obsess over a broken relationship.

“Talk about it to friends, get drunk, and just give yourself the time to say goodbye,” was Rachael Yamagata’s words of brooding wisdom. It seems that heartache is a recurring theme for Yamagata. Both her albums, Happenstance and Elephants…Teeth Sinking Into Heart have their fair share of songs that are straight-up bitter piano-ballads – based on suffering through relationships deemed questionable from the start – and that was exactly the banter that strung the show together on Friday night. Yet, rather than feeling like she was still wallowing over the heartbreak, Yamagata delivered her confessions to the crowd in her own charming way, giving a humorous turn to her once-broken self. Pathetic, she wasn’t – just human.

She was joined by Dan Wilson, the frontman for now defunct Grammy award-winning band Semisonic (also known as one of the biggest one-hit wonder bands in history, thanks to “Closing Time”). Wilson has been a song-writing partner for Yamagata since the start of her career, and the show was equally divided to give each performer the same amount of face-time with the audience. While Yamagata gave her solo signature growl and her shivering notes, giving off a tinge of Fiona Apple’s style, a comparison given to her since her debut album, Wilson would accompany with background vocals and guitar – and vice versa.

Together, they covered almost a two-hour show that included embarrassing confessions about exes, silly obsessions that led to broken wrists and stitches to the chin, cover songs, and a couple of audience sing-alongs orchestrated by both Yamagata and Wilson. Check out the setlist and photos below…


rachael and danrachaeldandan and rachaelrach2

Rachael Yamagata/Dan Wilson Setlist: April 10, 2009
Be Your Love – RY
Free Life – DW
What If I Leave – RY
Elephants – RY
Worn Me Down – RY
I Want You – RY
Sugar – DW
Breathless – DW
Easy Silence – DW
All Will Be Well – DW (Song written for the Gabe Dixon Band)
No One Else – DW
Sunday Afternoon – RY
All Kinds – DW
Faster – RY
Closing Time – DW/Semisonic cover song
Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around – (Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty cover song)
Duet – RY
  1. Jayvee says:

    I wish I saw Rachel this go around. 😦

  2. Jayvee says:

    btw, I’m glad you purchased a new camera — photos look great!

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