PSA: Dear Make-Out Couples @ Concerts: Just. Stay. Home. Thank You.

Posted: April 14, 2009 in PSA

We’ve all been there.  Well, not necessarily as part of the obnoxious couple (NEVER!), but always as the innocent bystander. 

You pay to go to a concert, score amazing seats, and unfortunately end up behind the couple that pretty much believes PDA is 100% completely acceptable.  It’s equally torturous as it is baffling.  For one, that couple is not always inebriated.  They are completely sober and this is their public ritual.  Second, what are they trying to prove?  You’re taken, you’re “in love” – we get it.  But for the people that are actually there to watch the concert, it would be nice of you to stand by the exit sign.  Actually, it would be nice of you to stay home, save the cash, and eventually watch the concert DVD months later in the comfort of your living room where you can make-out until your taste buds go numb.  

It’s good to know I’m not the only one with the urge to spill a full drink in their face – preferably something that stains.  Thanks to Matt Price, writer for Paste Magazine, both my discomfort and straight-up hatred for the “Make Out Couples” has been summarized in his brilliant “open letter” featured in the March/April issue of Paste Magazine.  Every thought, feeling, and action I would like to take upon these couples is perfectly written by Price.  

Who’s with me?

Click here for the outstanding article: “An Open Letter to the Couple Making Out at the Wilco Concert”

  1. Charlisse says:

    I’m with you a 110%, OMFG, get a room, watch the concert in the privacy of your home! I don’t understand why people think it’s ok, no comprende! I might just accidentally pump my air fist in their faces!!

  2. yogini says:

    Ok ok I’ll get a room next time, jeesh…

  3. Jayvee says:

    I’m with you on this one – ridiculous. Next you should tackle “loud talkers at acoustic shows” – just saying.

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