BABEWATCH: Holly Miranda

Posted: April 15, 2009 in Sirens, What's Ed-G:
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Holly Miranda has teamed up with TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek to help produce her first album (release date TBD) – some tracks available on her myspace page.  Her vocals will conjur up comparisons to Cat Power, her music feels like the Portishead we loved from the days of “Dummy”, and although her experimental sound will tap into a niche crowd, it’s safe to say that crowd will be pleased.

It’s like Mazzy Star reincarnated.

  1. SpaceyTracy says:

    cat power sounds like cats dying…very apropos

  2. SpaceyTracy says:

    she’s aight

  3. […] a year ago, I had to give Holly Miranda a Babewatch shout-out, because she not only carried the range and songwriting talent that’s hard to find […]

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