Stopping You in Your Trax: The Whip “Trash”

Posted: April 24, 2009 in Hot Trax, What's Ed-G:

Easiest song to learn.   Ever.  Check out the track “Trash” by Manchester born and bred band The Whip.

It’s been a slow rise to get some recognition (“Trash” was released over a year ago), but the band is slowly breaking in the states – performing for Jimmy Kimmel earlier this week. Their other tracks from their album, X Marks Destination, are just as easily liked  – a take on Fisherspooner’s electronic sound.  Check out their tracks on myspace – download “Fire.”

Besides, who doesn’t appreciate a band with a female drummer?

“I wanna be trash…& I have become the trigger for your gun…”

  1. Charlisse says:

    Ok so I’m very in LOVE with them, especially since the drummer is a GIRL. So RAD!!

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