TRAVIS REIGNS: April 25, 2009; Webster Hall NYC

Posted: April 26, 2009 in Concert Report
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There’s only a few bands that can lyrically pose the saddest times (heartbreak, loneliness, mourning) into a song that actually leaves you content right when you hear the final note. The morbid words definitely stick, but the melody and arrangement happen to leave you with a sense of optimism or closure.

That’s always been Travis’ shtick.

This Glasgow band can even take the happier times (i.e. “My Eyes” and “Flowers in the Window”) and make them feel like it took a lot of growing pains and sad experiences before reaching a point in life that feels just right.  On Saturday night, April 25th, at Webster Hall, Travis gave a setlist that touched on many emotions, making it clear that it takes a certain gift to have the audience sing along to every chorus of every song, past and present (despite being a band that faded out of mainstream Brit pop after 2001’s “Sing” and “Side”).


Fran Healy carries the charm of the band.  From jumping off stage to walk through the audience during a down-tempo acoustic track (“Falling Down”), to churning out his traditional belts in each song, he’s what’s inspired the Chris Martin’s of the world to venture into this kind of melancholy genre (Coldplay, Keane, Snow Patrol).  Even without a spot on Billboard or a chance at radio airplay, Travis has never been one to compromise their sound.  That’s one of many things that makes this band pretty damn timeless.


2009 Setlist: Webster Hall NYC, April 25, 2009

Chinese Blues

Writing to Reach You

J. Smith

Selfish Jean


Something Anything

Long Way Down

Love Will Come Through




Eyes Wide Open

Falling Down


All I Wanna Do is Rock

Before You Were Young



New Amsterdam

Ring the Bell (sung by Dougie Payne)

My Eyes

Why Does it Always Rain on Me?

Flowers in the Window

  1. JayVee says:

    Ok, we def have the same pics – next time we both don’t need to bring a camera…

    • theedgitator says:

      Yeah, seriously….I want to see your photos though…Send my way JayVee…GLAD YOU MADE THE SHOW (even with a friendly giant standing by us).

  2. Amelie says:

    Good write up. I was at that show, near Dougie’s side. The show is totally amazing, and blow my mind away in the best possible way.

    • theedgitator says:

      Amelie, thanks so much for the comment – I appreciate it! Same to Kanoshiro…
      How I wish these guys would tour more often, but they seem to have written and recorded J. Smith in record-speed, so here’s hoping there’s more of them to come sooner rather than later.

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