Fiona Apple Lends Her Big Sis a Hand; Fails to Txt Me While in Town…

Posted: April 28, 2009 in Raw & Stripped Down
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Fiona Apple and sister Maude Maggart (cabaret singer popular around the NYC circuit – and beyond) paired up for this rare accapella version of “It’s Only a Paper Moon.”  I’m not sure how this slipped from my radar, but glad I fell upon it. Their voices are damn perfect.  I also happened to have missed Fiona while she was in town TWO weeks ago!  Fiona and I have a lot to catch up on…I have so many questions that need answers.  Tons.

An excerpt from the Village Voice article on Maude Maggart, who’s scheduled to perform at the Oak Room in NYC through the end of May:

Maggart (whose little sister, Fiona Apple, was present at her opening last Tuesday) maintains a careful balance between traditional cabaret fare, show tunes, and standards, not to mention material rarely heard in the Oak Room, from the Incredible String Band to the Roches to Dolly Parton.


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