More Reasons to Love Meiko.

Posted: May 1, 2009 in Raw & Stripped Down, Sirens
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There are many reasons to dig this humble and legitimately talented L.A. girl, but here’s one (as posted on her myspace blog last week).

And head here to download “Reasons to Love You” and other great acoustic tracks – for free – from last year’s Daytrotter Sessions. 


Holy Crapola!
Current mood:  surprised

I was in Target today, standing in line to check out, and the girl behind me’s phone rang…and guess what?  Her ringtone was my song “Boys With Girlfriends“!  What what!???  I was frrrreaking out!  Totally nuts. 

Anyway- that was my excitement for the day.  Hope yall are swell…

  1. Paula Shembri says:

    YES YES!! Meiko is like my new favorite artist – I saw her video for “Boys With Girlfriends” and fell in LOVE!!

    Good pick!!

    • theedgitator says:

      She really is awesome, and that video is pretty classic. Looking forward to her show, bear suit and all….

  2. Jackie says:

    Can’t wait to see this chick on Thurs. Did you get the bear suit?!?!

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