Regina Spektor Overload – Another New Song & Video: “Eet”

Posted: June 2, 2009 in Hot Trax, Sirens

Looks like Regina Spektor is spending most of her time in front of the camera before she begins her trek across the states in support of her upcoming album, Far.  In just the past two weeks, three official music videos have surfaced from an album that’s still three weeks away from hitting stores and online. 

Has an artist ever attempted to release three music videos simultaneously before?  Will it confuse listeners (which is her official new song now, and when’s the release of the others)?  Is the element of surprise gone and therefore a crutch for what could be a hit single?  My dorky side would love to know the marketing objective and strategy behind this move….will it work?!

This time, another soft-ballad with some typewriting key punches in the right parts – see the video for “Eet” above. 

  1. […] there was Regina Spektor, pounding on the keys of her typewriter in the just released video for “Eet”, off of her forthcoming album Far.  And now there’s a band called […]

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