Mandy Moore Takes Baby Steps Towards Indie

Posted: June 3, 2009 in Concert Report, Sirens
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If you’ve been keeping up with the whereabouts of certain (once) teen sensations that are adapting to what’s current to keep themselves afloat the hip music scene, then you might’ve heard that Mandy Moore’s done some reinventing.  Maybe it was a bit of a nudge from new husband and indie rockstar, Ryan Adams, or perhaps this is the type of music she’s always imagined creating….regardless, we’ll see how her fans, now a bit older, will react.

Moore released her new album today, Amanda Leigh, and celebrated with a free acoustic performance at Highline Ballroom in NYC’s Chelsea neighborhood tonight – a freebie brought on by Best Buy.  As an acoustic performance, by no means was it too edgy, or way too indie, or a complete departure to me although sort of earthy and folk-rock at times, but maybe she’s taking baby steps before becoming the next Cat Power or even Aimee Mann (the first step being not performing the bubblegum pop tunes that placed her on the map, which she didn’t).  She sounded great during the 45-minute set and was accompanied only by guitar and keys.

Not…that…I…was…there…or anything, and I may or may not have taken the photos below…

I do want to personally thank JayVee of The Round Table for the hook up….




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