Chris Garneau Plays @ Hotel Chelsea for Friends & Family

Posted: June 6, 2009 in Concert Report
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On Thursday night, June 4th, on the rooftop of the historic Hotel Chelsea in NY, Chris Garneau played an intimate private show for friends and family – a special treat in preparation for the release of his sophomore album, El Radio, out July 7th.  The setlist abandoned any and all of the tracks on his debut, Music for Tourists, and solely focused on his new material.

A true sign of a talented musician is the way they can manage to captivate you even when the songs are new to your ear, and Garneau’s new work shows a new level of musicianship that covers lyrics of relationships gone awry, doubt, and moving on – all packaged with cellos, a trumpet, a harmonica, drums, and his piano.

Definitely one of the greatest music experiences ever…

My photos from the show below along with a video of “Over and Over”, one of my favorite new tracks.  Check out NYPress’s review (and thanks for the shout out!).


  1. RichardLloyd says:

    Thanks for this post! Gorgeous..

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