Laughing With Regina Spektor @ NYC’s Beacon Theater: June 17, 2009

Posted: June 18, 2009 in Concert Report, Sirens
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Less than a week before the release of her new album, Far, Regina Spektor fought her nerves and returned to her stomping grounds of NYC and performed a 22-song set at the Beacon Theater (June 17, 2009).

It’s unbelievable to sit and watch her work every key on her grand piano without effort and create sounds with her voice like no other performer (including a dolphin noise – on key).  To say she was on-point, charming, and brilliant as the night progressed is putting it very lightly.  She remains modest, thrown aback by how fascinated we all were by her performance (which included a moan in unison after announcing her final song to the sold-out crowd).  Every note in tune.  Every thank you was genuine. And every album in her arsenal was touched at some point throughout the night.

She’s a performer with several albums and music videos that don’t entirely capture her real talent.  To appreciate the overwhelming and in-your-face raw talent, you’ve really got to experience it live and first-hand.

Head to her myspace page this week for a full album preview, before the release on June 23rd.

My photos and setlist below…



1.  Folding Chair

2. Lucky Penny

3.Time is All Around

4. Eet

5. The Calculation

6. Machine

7. One More Time with Feeling

8. On the Radio

9. Blue Lips

10. Riot Gear

11.  Laughing With

12. Bobbing for Apples

13. That Time

14. Apres Moi

15.  Human of the Year

16.  Poor Little Rich Boy

17. Holocaust

18. Consequence of Sound

19.  Man of a Thousand Faces


20. Samson

21. Us

22. Fidelity

  1. jayvee says:

    Sorry, I like Regina — but I can’t support your love affair with her. I mean, no matter how you slick it you’re cheating on Fiona…

    • theedgitator says:

      Which is why I really need Fiona’s moridness to return to my life in the form of a new album….When the cat’s away, the mouse will play!

  2. tobogganeer says:

    glad to see she still has that blue guitar!

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