Kelly Clarkson Would Like to Hook Up with Black Eyed Peas Manager Polo Molina

Posted: June 24, 2009 in Don't Mess with Texans, What's Ed-G:
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Here’s this week’s victim and “human” having a conversation with paparazzi a few years ago, and handling it like an adult.

And here’s a real human with the biggest balls in town.  While everyone else is giving their PC opinions over the vs. Perez Hilton news, Kelly Clarkson talks to the media like she’s talking to a close friend.  No filter:  “I’ve been hit before, and I didn’t go make a video, crying about it.”

And with Perez Hilton’s latest statement, if you read closely, he takes some jabs at her comments from two interviews that Clarkson gave today.

Kelly, thanks for taking one for the team, even if some people don’t agree with your blunt responses.

Check out one of today’s interviews from Much Music in Canada (skip to the 2:10 mark):

  1. jayvee says:

    she’s amazing. amazing!!!

  2. jayvee says:

    seriously.. i can’t stop watching the second interview.

  3. coma says:

    i love k.clarson, but this video makes me heart her even more. too cute for words. she is so down to earth. i would love to have fried pickles with her…or funnel cake at a state fair and chat it up. maybe even share a certain story about being asked to sit down at her concert from other concert goers. hhmph

  4. Jayvee says:

    Did someone say fried pickles and trash talking Perez Hilton? I’m there — even if Kelly can’t join. HAHA.

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