NEW SONDRE LERCHE! Heartbeat Radio…

Posted: June 29, 2009 in Hot Trax, What's Ed-G:
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Stereogum was lucky enough to snag the first single off of Sondre Lerche’s new album, Heartbeat Radio, out September 8th! It’s great to hear that Rounder Records has signed him, and that a tour is being scheduled for September. Done and done.  Head to Stereogum to listen to the track.

Below is the track listing for the new album.

01 “Good Luck”
02 “Heartbeat Radio”
03 “I Cannot Let You Go”
04 “Like Lazenby”
05 “If Only”
06 “Pioneer”
07 “Easy to Persuade”
08 “Words and Music”
09 “I Guess it’s Gonna Rain Today”
10 “Almighty Moon”
11 “Don’t Look Now”
12 “Goodnight”

  1. Jayvee says:

    me too.. i believe this is the song he tested out when his thumb/fingers went numb…

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