Girls on Film: It’s a Bird or a Plane…

Posted: July 8, 2009 in Sirens, Under the Radar

One of my favorite hotties makes a HOT cameo in this video from 2007 – “Making a Scene” from the band Fritz Helder and the Phantoms. 

Fact:  This cameo girl JUST signed this band to her brand new record label (everyone seems to have a label these days).  Surprisingly not the kind of music I would expect her to listen to, but I think her strongest musical quality has been how eclectic she’s been with her own sounds (despite her last big success stretched more into mainstream vs. previous albums).

Watch and spot the hot dancing.  Hot. You’ll rewind and watch it again – a few times.


  1. jayvee says:

    In honor of Nelly’s upcoming all spanish all the time album… I’m not going to refer to this post as simply “hot,” but rather… “muy caliente.”

    Do it like you do it to me. I’m burnin’ up.

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