Music Edgication: Billy Boy on Poison.

Posted: July 10, 2009 in Music Edgication, Uncategorized
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A throwback to the sounds of the Hives and that other band that we all confuse them with (The Vines), Billy Boy on Poison brings an edgier sound (than those Brits) with their debut album, Drama Junkie Queen (released this week on Universal’s label).  Reassuring us that good music can be born out of Los Angeles, this four-piece band’s first single “On My Way” was featured in promos for HBO’s Entourage, and for good reason.  See sample lyrics below, and check ”em out.

I’m creeping through your hallway darling
Coming to make you sweat
I’ll make it to your bedroom, honey
I can make you wet

  1. shayealexa says:

    YES YES YES YES YES…take THAT perez…. if he tries to hop on the bandwagon for this one, i’m laying the smack down like chris brown (<—see what I did there? insult + rhyme = awesome)

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