(Another) PSA: Dear Lady Gaga…You’re NOT Regina Spektor.

Posted: August 6, 2009 in PSA, Raw & Stripped Down
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Last time we all checked, wearing a “weave” shaped like an elephant was not cool.  Furthermore, you’re NOT Regina Spektor and should stop with the “acoustic” attempts at your much hyped and overplayed tracks.  Your piano playing and your shot at changing up the vocals to make it feel “classical” doesn’t work when you have an animal sitting on your head.  Give it a rest. 


  1. jayvee says:

    Nice elephant. I am getting you one for your birthday – but a gray version so it’ll stand out with your dark hair.

  2. Joan says:

    OMG!!! Someone else who sees the Regina Spektor imitation! I love you Ed-G. It bothers me so much that she pretends not to be acoustically attempting Regina’s quirky vocal mannerisms.

  3. meh says:

    so the vid has been removed by you….why?

    • theedgitator says:

      Joan – you rule – thanks for agreeing! She’s got to stop.
      Meh – I never posted the original on youtube, so not sure why it was removed – sorry about that!

  4. alexalexalex says:

    you are fucking dumb. seriously. lady gaga holds the right to express herself freely as she wishes. just because you are some 40 year old dude sitting in your moms basement wishing you were both talented and original does not mean that lady gaga is stupid tacky and talentless.

  5. sxemeandme says:

    get lost man she dresses however she wants too and i think she is very brave for doing so, also no one thinks that she is the new Britney because Britney was,is and always will be rubbish. Its people like you lot that only want to slag people off that wrecks music of this century.

  6. Brian says:

    Wow, you all are so stupid it’s painful. Her hairpiece has nothing to do with her singing or piano playing and (the wonderful) Regina Spektor doesn’t own piano performances or quirky singing. Don’t insult Lady Gaga for your own limited knowledge of music and the fact that you haven’t heard the hundreds of artists out there who do piano shows like this; just because Regina’s the only reference *you* have for this kind of thing, doesn’t mean Gaga’s copying her.

    • theedgitator says:

      Did you also want me to mention that she’s NOT Nellie McKay, Mariee Sioux, Joanna Newsom, Tiff Randol, Marissa Nadler, Mirah (have you heard of half those artists? do I sound like I have limited music knowledge?). I could go on and compare her to much better, truly talented musicians that don’t need to rely on costumes to propel them into success – artists that truly appreciate music for what it is, and not a presentation that will boost their ego and create unnecessary attention. The fact that all of you would stand up for Lady Gaga, the most overrated artist of 2009 (and I do not stand alone on that sentiment, as credible publications have stated the same and written articles about it last year), puts you in the bucket of those that have been sadly brainwashed by the character that she’s become. Pointblank: you’re the stupid one, because if she didn’t want it to be about the hairpiece then she wouldn’t have worn it. Disagree all you want with me, but it’s obvious that it’s become much less about the music for Gaga and more about the “statement” she attempts to make with what she places on her head or body. Now, go do some music research and learn to appreciate the great stuff that’s out there – it’s a shame you haven’t heard it.

  7. SpaceyTracy says:

    Can’t we all just get along?!?!?!

    As with any flash in the pan, there are people who are going to laud their “talents” and fight to the death anyone who disagrees with them. That is until they, and everyone else, forgets the artist ever existed. People have differing opinions on what is inherently good.

    As a pop act, Lady Gaga has done exactly what she’s set out to do – create a frenzy and enjoy the limelight. I think the sticking point is when she tries to express herself musically in a way that doesn’t jibe with her main thesis, to be a spectacle.

    She does wear crazy things so people talk about it, why would any artist try to distract from everything they are putting forth? You can’t ignore the hair, which is part of her expression, that is just grossly inappropriate for what she is trying to establish herself as in this clip. She is trying to earn her stripes as a serious songstress, which has never been her bag. Purists will find problems with this.

    I personally dislike anything to do with this woman, which is my right just as much as it is your right to eat up whatever she does. I think she is just an artist trying to do her thing, as Amanda Palmer perfectly expresses in this little diddy:

    yeah, that sums it up.

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