Regina Spektor’s Free Show/Q&A @ Barnes and Noble’s Upstairs @ the Square

Posted: September 9, 2009 in Concert Report, Sirens
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Here are my pix from the Barnes & Noble event, Upstairs at the Square (at Union Square) on Tuesday, August 18th.   Regina Spektor took an hour to go deep and explain the impact that NYC, her family, and growing up in Russia has had on her music.  Shy, uncomfortable, and a little inarticulate with the answers, Spektor often handed the baton to author Kurt Anderson, who shared the stage with her and tackled the questions by host/journalist Katherine Lanpher.  Any of her long-winded rambles were quickly forgotten, because when it came down to her performances, she delivered on every point.

In between the Q&A, Regina performed “Laughing With”, “Folding Chair”, “Blue Lips” and the crowd-favorite, “Us.”  Go here to watch it.




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