Set Loose: Joss Stone Releases Album, Hates Her Label.

Posted: October 19, 2009 in Hot Trax, New Album Release, Sirens, What's Ed-G:
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With the release of her fourth album (Colour Me Free) coming up tomorrow, 10.21, there isn’t a better way to generate buzz than by taking a jab at your own record label in the form of a song – even better, the first single off the new album.  Joss Stone belts about not being trusted or supported while she does what she loves most – and if you didn’t quite get who she’s referring to, then listen to the last few seconds of the song.  She spells it out for you: “Free me…E-M-I.” 

In a recent interview, she shared that there was a battle over the album cover – EMI thought it was offensive and has released the album with two different album covers  – the plain cover will be released in certain countries.



And if you find it hard to follow me
If I loose you in my creative stream
Than you only got to raise your eyes
And see me fly

Don’t tell me that I won’t
I will
Don’t tell me that I’m not
I am
Don’t tell me that my master plan
Ain’t coming through

Don’t tell me that I won’t
I will

  1. jayvee says:

    Sooooo good — Joss has always been a bit of a disappointment to me – never really materialized as the artist I hoped she would – yet whenever she performed live, she totally captivated me. Perhaps label restraint was one of the reasons? Not sure, either way, I love a good artist/label feud.

  2. Tracy says:

    umm eddie, its not 1998…just an fyi. next blog will be about oasis breaking up i bet!

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