The RAA Play A Show (or two) Just The Way They Like It…

Posted: January 13, 2010 in Concert Report, Music Edgication
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Taking  a break from opening up for Passion Pit‘s current tour, The RAA (Rural Alberta Advantage) packed up their minimal set of instruments to play two sold out shows at Mercury Lounge on January 9th.  The Canadian indie folk-rockers bear an audio resemblance to Neutral Milk Hotel, but perhaps a bit more gritty in certain places and with one less band member.

Frontman Nils Edenloff, admittedly fighting a cold during the show, managed to find the vocals to complete the first of two 50-minute sets for the night, covering most of their debut album (Hometowns) and some new tracks off an upcoming release.  Chatting up with Edenloff before the show,  he admitted that Mercury Lounge felt more at home for this band (versus the grand Terminal 5 they had attempted two nights in a row as the openers for Passion Pit) – clearly not a huge fan of T5 (and rightfully so).  I think the audience would also agree.  I can’t imagine  Amy Cole’s multitasking efforts on the xylophone, tambourine, and snare drum to really translate as well as it did in the basement-type venue and in front of Saturday night’s audience.  Snapshots and one of their standout tracks below:


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