The Ting Ting’s With Yet Another Great Video.

Posted: January 29, 2010 in Hot Trax, What's Ed-G:
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The Ting Tings have honestly become one of the best bands in the past few years.   Their album, We Started Nothing, is 100% skip-proof – not one dismal track.  Every single video has been simple yet visually groundbreaking – enough that MTV took notice (their video for “Shut Up and Let Me Go” was up for Video of the Year in 2009).   

This English duo is the best thing that’s happened since Jack and Meg.  And now, they’re up for a Best New Artist Grammy nomination, against MGMT and Silversun Pickups. Not sure who will take home the award this Sunday, but the Ting Tings are well deserving of it.

Check out the new and brilliant video for “We Walk”.  They’re just damn good.

  1. Tracy says:

    MTV gives awards for music videos?

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