Posted: February 3, 2010 in Don't Mess with Texans, Edgicated People
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Mugshot by MTV.com

I don’t have an account on Twitter (yet), but after Casey Johnson’s death and this whole “wifey” story surrounding Tila Tequila, I found myself constantly checking out Tila’s Twitter page to track the crazy.  She’s clinically insane and should be treated.  Sadly, her deep thoughts will no longer live on Twitter every minute of every day because she’s completely lost it and has deleted her account. 

This news came following her twitter-feud against The Game, claiming he’s the father of her unborn child while The Game is 100% denying the allegations.  Rather than taking a quiet exit, she made it a point to post a blog entry on her site that takes one final stab at her favorite person, Perez Hilton – or as she likes to call him: Piggy Perez. Check out her reason behind deleting her account here – where she shares, among other things, that she’s starting her own celebrity blog to compete with Hilton’s – www.tilatequilaOMG.com launches in three weeks.  I don’t think it’ll happen, and I give it two more days before she starts a new Twitter account. 

Highlights from her blog:

I FINALLY deleted my twitter page!  I’m sure A LOT of people would NEVER have thought I would do such a thing, but guess what? I DID!  I have had a lot of fun on there and enjoyed the ups and down of being on Twitter.  I was a daily dose of Entertainment for people whether they loved me or hated me.  Regardless, I was always the top 5 Tweeters with the most influence on Twitter!  So why did I decided to delete it??? Well cuz Piggy face Perez is on there and he’s so fat and ugly I just felt disgusted being on the same community with him.  He is a gross sweaty pig and he doesn’t even own his website since 2007! As a matter of fact, HE DOESN’T EVEN BLOG ON THERE SINCE 2007!!!!!!!!!!!! He is just a waste of space!!!

hahahaha! JK that’s not why I deleted my page, I just had to throw that in there since he’s such an idiot.  But anyway the real reason why I deleted my Twitter page is because why do I need to be on there anyway??  Miley Cyrus was right!  Everything I tweet about turns into some stupid headline!  I could say something & the media will turn it all around and make it into something else!  They watch your every move!  Miley Did the right thing to delete her Twitter page, and damn…who woulda thought??? TILA TEQUILA DELETED HER TWITTER PAGE TOO??  The SUPPOSED ATTENTION WHORE??? 

I still can’t believe she’s a Texan.  Way to represent.


  1. Tracy says:

    talk about starf*cking at its finest. you ain’t got nuffin on her.

  2. theedgitator says:

    she’s a prime example/our idol, tracy.
    but seriously, nut job. i miss her tweets.

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