Edgicated People: Alyssa Milano Puts Tiger On Blast.

Posted: March 1, 2010 in Edgicated People
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Alyssa Milano didn’t hold anything back during the February 19th press conference/public apology from Tiger Woods.  Her tweet below is one of many reasons why she rocks:

“Can some1 explain to me how a manslut gets the same network coverage as our president or a telethon for #Haiti?  Anyone?”

Well put.

Remember when Milano attempted a career in music?  She legit had four studio albums to her name, and might have been huge in Japan.  Check it out:

  1. jayvee says:

    She’s like a Twitter influencer too — just another reason for you to join!

  2. SpaceyTracy says:

    Eh she’s feeding into it. Ignore this whole ridiculous “scandal” and it’ll go away.

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