Fiona Apple Talks Crazy, Makes Sense, Talks Crazy, Makes Sense…

Posted: October 14, 2010 in Sirens, What's Ed-G:
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Fiona Apple recently sat down for Andrew Zuckerman (photographer currently working on a new project called Music) to share the value and the impact that music has made in her life.  The six-minute Apple rant pretty much confirms what we’ve always known about Fiona: she feels most comfortable and socially accepted when she communicates through music – going as far as to relate performing music to sex and as her bait to making friendships:  “I feel sometimes that doing music has just really been a vehicle for me to be able to make the friends that I’ve made.”

She delves into her childhood memories: feeling lonely and miserable at the age of 11, the odd singalongs from her mother’s Christmas parties, and her obsession with writing short stories and essays about war, racism, and life after death.  She definitely serves up the crazy, but there’s a whole lot of emotion and honesty that comes through in her storytelling that makes the overall message about music pretty compelling.  What’s most interesting about the clip is that (for once) she realizes her gift.  We can all agree with her: she is a natural.

Below is an audio recording from Fiona Apple that turned up on YouTube – from a Largo performance in ’09 – assuming in collaboration with Jon Brion.

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