CMJ MARATHON: Soko @ NYC’s Living Room

Posted: October 26, 2010 in Concert Report, Sirens
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French-actress-turned-indie-folk-artist Soko brought her charm and her anger to the intimate little stage in the Lower East Side’s Living Room as part of CMJ week.  She quickly ran through songs that she described were either about “death or lies”, and after the 35-minute set (which she hoped would actually be three hours), it’s certain she’s likely a headcase.  She’s able to laugh at her own misery in some of her songs – while in others (“For Peter”, dedicated to her friend that she saw overdosing in front of her), it’s just all misery.  Maybe all she really needs is a hug?  Maybe I gave her one – or two.


Watch for the burp and the sing-along:

“For Peter”:

  1. Nice photo’s. Almost seems to be one long photo 🙂 love the song!

  2. theedgitator says:

    THANKS! Love Soko – let’s hope for an album sometime in our lifetime.

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