The Thruth Behind This Tattoo.

Posted: January 20, 2011 in Ed-G Tales, Edgicated People
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I won’t go into great detail about the new tattoo that my friend (who will remain anonymous, though his name rhymes with Thristopher Jett) recently got in a parlor in NYC’s West Village. If this was my arm, the artist that created this would be out of a job and the joint would be closed for business until further notice.  I would’ve raised hell.

Thristopher happens to be a Texan gentleman, so such events never happened.  He’ll be going back to get it fixed soon – hopefully this artist has studied magic.  Moral of the story:  Conduct a spelling bee with your tattoo artist before sitting down in the chair, or you might be scarred for life.

(Thristopher might regret texting this photo over to me, but the story had to be told…)

  1. Thristopher Jett says:

    Damn you, Sir.

  2. theedgitator says:


  3. Charlisse says:

    LOL! Hahah, hilarious! Nice going Eddie. Poor Thristopher! Hey!

  4. can’t believe this is thrue!

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