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In another frontman-gone-solo move, Fran Healy of Scottish band Travis, has finally released his first solo effort today titled Wreckorder. The album keeps the Travis  influence throughout with a good balance of what the albums The Invisible Band and Ode to J. Smith offered.  There’s no real departure or experimenting of other genres with this album, but Healy is smart enough to understand that his audience wouldn’t want or care for a new direction.  In some ways, it falls darker than what we’re used to from Travis, but that’s what makes the entire album great.  Surprisingly one of the darker songs is “As It Comes”, his collaboration with Paul McCartney (who managed to persuade Healy to become a vegetarian during the recording process of the song).  Neko Case also offers vocals on “Sing Me To Sleep”.

The new video for the first single, “Buttercups”, takes us through Healy’s relationship timeline – the good, bad, and the ugly – and that’s something he’s always loved to share with us  – solo or not.


WOW! Tegan & Sara finally dress like hot twins in the new video for “Feel It In My Bones”, off Tiesto‘s Kaleidoscope album.  The track is just as hot.


Oscar-winning French actress Marion Cotillard has teamed up with Scottish band Franz Ferdinand on a new track called “Eyes of Mars.”  The track was recorded to promote a new handbag by Dior, and can be streamed right here.

It’s honestly a pretty great collaboration – because it’s bizarre, but it works.  The verses have more of the Cotillard style, but the chorus is straight-up Ferdinand.  Both of them can’t ever really do bad in my book, so perhaps a little bias.  She’s hotter than ever, and they’re still churning out the hot tracks. Give it a listen.

These two are teaming up to record Duffy‘s untitled sophomore release (later this year):


I’m not sure how I feel about it.  To confuse me further, Albert Hammond Sr. (father of Albert Hammond Jr., as in the solo musician and member of The Strokes) will help pen a few tracks on the album.