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Amos Lee takes the honor of Billboard’s #1 selling album of the week with a 40k shift of his latest album, Mission Bell.  This marks Lee’s first #1 album and also breaks another sad record: official lowest album sales to top the charts since Billboard began the rankings in 1991.  Rock band Cake previously held that title just a few weeks ago when their latest sold 44k.  Guess there isn’t any new music we care to buy at the moment?…



Cake should be excited about topping Billboard’s 200 Albums chart this week, but that also came with some disappointing history-making news.  The 44k sales shift of “Showroom of Compassion” makes this debut the lowest sales numbers to rank at the top of the charts, according to Soundscan.   It’s a sad time for music.

PSA: Lady Gaga Bashing On HOLD.

Posted: March 1, 2010 in PSA

I’ve given up talking smack about Lady Gaga – just for Lent.  It hasn’t been easy.  So, I won’t comment on anything she does for the remaining month.  After Easter, let’s chat again.  There should be some good stuff to discuss.


Well, that only took two days.  Tila has shared that she’s back to feed my addiction.

And now back to following the crazy.

I have no idea why I’m even writing this.


Last time we all checked, wearing a “weave” shaped like an elephant was not cool.  Furthermore, you’re NOT Regina Spektor and should stop with the “acoustic” attempts at your much hyped and overplayed tracks.  Your piano playing and your shot at changing up the vocals to make it feel “classical” doesn’t work when you have an animal sitting on your head.  Give it a rest. 


Dear NYPD,

You’re awesome.  Nothing but respect.  But please understand that the camera posing with your horses along Times Square is creating a lot of people traffic on the sidewalk.  I wish you’d help us clear the way and keep people moving along, especially for those that actually work in the area.

In other awesome news, a man apparently loves having sex with a horse named Sugar, and he’s now living in the slammer.  Oh, the South…


In my (humble) opinion, a great songwriter, like a great PR person, should remain behind the scenes at all times – unless there’s some crisis going on you have to address, or if you’re receiving a Grammy for your writing efforts.

Kara Dioguardi (of now, American Idol fame) was unknown as of six months ago, despite writing some big pop tunes for some big names.  Now, she appears in a video for a song she wrote by some band named Theory of a Deadman.

Two things:

1. This is strange because she’s not an 18yo model/actress, though she’s megahot for a 38 year old.

2. She’s not Bikini Girl.

Still, can’t help but love her.  See the video below:



Is this a cry for help?  Was this person deprived as a child?  How disgusted are you with yourself that you feel the need to do this?  Are you not worthy of being looked at in the face and eyes?  You’re a human, not a walking art piece.  If you were looking to grab our attention, done.  If you were looking to be more disliked, that was done much better.

Please retire.

All the best,


The question that has been keeping you up at night…finally answered:  Bubbles, @ 26 years old…

I had no idea fees were required to “publicly perform” certain songs, and I guess neither did the owner of Lower East Side bar staple Pianos


It’s a triple bill you’ll never see sharing the same stage: the Bee Gees, Poison and Rage Against the Machine.

But the disco legends, glam metal band and left-wing alternative rockers have teamed up to sue a Lower East Side club for playing their tunes without permission.

The Manhattan federal court suit accuses the Pianos club and owner Yoav Kipnes of causing “great and incalculable damage” through the alleged copyright infringement.

The suit, filed by the Broadcast Music Inc. licensing agency, claims the Ludlow Street hot spot allowed “Stayin’ Alive,” “Talk Dirty to Me” and “Bulls on Parade” to be “publicly performed” during March and June of last year without paying a required fee.

Pianos did not return a call seeking comment.