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The Pretty Reckless (yep, the band fronted by Gossip Girl’s Taylor Momsen) is headed to the states to roll out their first US tour after covering every big city across the pond.  Their album is currently still an import, but I assume this tour is a sign that Universal Music will finally/soon start marketing the band and eventually release the album in the states.

No qualms admitting that their songs are pretty damn good and Momsen carries one sick voice (and she is credited as a writer on every album track).

Check out some of their acoustic performances.  Tour schedule here – includes a stop in NYC: March 2nd, Santo’s Party House.  Yep, I’ll be at the show.



This.  Is.  Just.  WOW.

Here’s a little girl that takes her father’s side to belt out an acoustic cover of Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zero‘s “Home”, and let’s just say I actually felt what some people call…emotion?

It’s great to see a little girl that’s not looking up to the half-naked pop artists like Lady GAG, Katy Perry, Rihanna, etc., but looking up to her father’s tastes and appreciating some serious indie music (“Someday, I’m gonna whistle.”).



“Let me come home – home is wherever I’m with you” recently shot one of the best live sessions I’ve seen from The Drums (IMHO) – check out the tracks below.  The Drums play a benefit show at Webster Hall on Wednesday, January 19th.

About a year ago, I had to give Holly Miranda a Babewatch shout-out, because she not only carried the range and songwriting talent that’s hard to find within mainstream “pop”, but also because she has that non-egotistical and hot edge that translates to marketability.  Kanye West took to his blog a year ago to sing her praises and TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek took charge of the production behind her debut album, The Magician’s Private Library, out tomorrow February 23rd under XL Recordings.  She’s a fresh take on Mazzy Star and Cat Power, with some bite.  Check out an amazing cover of Tool’s “AEnema” and download the MP3 here, thanks to Lizzyville.


Ed Macfarlane is never one to restrain from the stage seizures that he calls dancing, but in these rare clips shot at Abbey Road Studios in London in late ’09, he simmers things down with “Skeleton Boy” and “Jump in the Pool” (though whips out some killer cowbell). 

The band JUST posted a new entry on their site, letting fans know that they’re busy working on their follow-up album, and also mention that they’re up for two Brit Awards: Best British Band, and Breakthrough Act. The Brit Awards will be handed out February 16th.  The Friendly Fires will not be in attendance this year, unfortunately, but they’re well deserving of both awards.


Photo by Primary UK.

As Tila Tequila continues with her suicidal tweeting every minute of the day (she needs to be admitted ASAP), there’s another girl out there we should keep our eyes on. 

SoKo hails from France where she’s a successful actress full-time, and an angsty folk artist part-time.  Relatively private, it’s unsure who is at fault for inspiring her lyrics to songs such as “I’ll Kill Her”, “Shitty Day”, “I’ll Never Love You More”, “My Enemy”, “It’s Raining Outside”, “It’s Hard to be Alone”, “It’s Not Going to Work” etc.  Her dark lyrics still manage to have an underlying tinge of humor and youth to them – even with her threatening attempt at murdering the girl who’s taken her lover and her “future away” in the song that put her on the international map, “I”ll Kill Her.” She became well known outside of France, after a radio station in Denmark began to play the track a few years ago, making it a hit pretty much everywhere but the US. 

Unhappy and overwhelmed with how her music career was progressing (she recorded an album and immediately scrapped it, and has never officially released anything to this date), she up-and-quit a year ago – stating on her myspace page: “SOKO IS DEAD”.  She vanished for a year, canceled some concert dates, canceled on SXSW, and in the process moved to LA (which she appropriately and bitterly calls “helL.A.”).  Since then, she’s written new songs and seems like she’s come to terms with her music once again.  She returned to France for a surprise show in November of ’09, and now has come to NYC for a performance this weekend at Le Poisson Rouge in the West Village (Saturday, January 16th).  Pretty big step.

Check out an acoustic performance of “I’ll Kill Her” below, and a video from last year’s show in Paris – her big return – titled “SOKO IS NOT DEAD”.

This is NOT the Elvis Presley song you know.  Chris Garneau pulls from his first album, Music For Tourists, and sings an even more acoustic version of “Blue Suede Shoes” – as part of the French Soul Kitchen music video series. Check out the site for a version of another Garneau favorite, “The Leaving Song.”  Garneau plays NYC’s City Winery on February 19th – front and center, goes without saying…

I hope you don’t go away.
I still have some nice things
To do and say.
I don’t laugh when I can.
I don’t feel like
A very good man.
But you know me well.
Wouldn’t it be swell
To find nothing blue
About me and you?

WITNESS AWESOMENESS BELOW.  Get on board with Lerche. 

Chris Garneau performs one of my favorite tracks off his sophomore release, El Radio – the farewell song “Hands on the Radio.”

Last time we all checked, wearing a “weave” shaped like an elephant was not cool.  Furthermore, you’re NOT Regina Spektor and should stop with the “acoustic” attempts at your much hyped and overplayed tracks.  Your piano playing and your shot at changing up the vocals to make it feel “classical” doesn’t work when you have an animal sitting on your head.  Give it a rest.