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We could have had it all…You’re gonna wish you never had met me.


WOW! Tegan & Sara finally dress like hot twins in the new video for “Feel It In My Bones”, off Tiesto‘s Kaleidoscope album.  The track is just as hot.

Last night, Spin Magazine and Canon teamed up to host an amazing event at Hiro Ballroom in NYC’s Chelsea area.  I had a chance to attend and witness the brilliance of Girl Talk.

During his 90 minute set, Girl Talk (aka DJ Gregg Gillis) attacked the turntables and mashed the craziest classic and contemporary songs to create brilliant dance tracks…it’s the stuff the Jackson 5 would have never thought could be done to their hits.

Open bar, killer DJ, outstanding venue.   Here are my pics from the debauchery.


Le Castle Vania takes a shot at remixing The Virgins’ indie-funk-rock Saturday-Night-Fever vibe track, “Rich Girls”, into a techno dance track.  Check it out.

“We’ll walk around
Pretending we’re all grown up
Hey, rich girls!
Well, can you tell me why
You’re so stuck up
and act like you’re so down”

“Everything I do
I do it for a girl
I do it for a girl
I do it for a girl”

“Girls, oh girls, they turn my mind around in circles
Oh girls, oh girls, they turn the world around in circles”

Walter Meego: “Girls” :: Grandtheft Remix

Soul crooner and shy girl Adele gets an electronic awakening right here…a whole new take on her biggest ballad, “Hometown Glory.”

The Killers get some help from Tiesto and The Knocks to revamp their latest single from Day and Age, “Spaceman.”

The strongest mix on the EP is by Steve Aoki and the Bloody Beetroots.

Check it out here…

In light of the release of the EP, Brandon Flowers gave a short interview with the UK’s Daily Star, where he decided to take a stab at Kurt Cobain with a mild insult.  Bad timing?  Kurt Cobain’s anniversary of his death (15 years ago) was just two days before Flowers stated:

“I don’t mean it in a bad way, but I think Kurt Cobain and grunge took the fun out of rock ’n roll.”

At least The Killers have ended their battles with The Bravery and have moved on to Nirvana…


Slick synths, techno mega-phone vocals, and nothing like the original.

Miike (sic) Snow crafts a remix of Vampire Weekend’s “Kids Don’t Stand a Chance” that loses the signature string arrangements but makes up for it with an abundance of arcade sound effects.

Listen to it as a youtube video, then grab it as a free mp3 download at RCRD…