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This is one of the best cover songs I’ve ever heard – hopefully Sara Bareilles will release it as a bonus track.  It’s perfect.  Chris Martin should be proud.  Check out the clip from last night’s Z100 live stream from NYC.


British pop singer, Sunday Girl, is the total package:  hot with a voice (marketable).  She’s making more noise in the UK, thanks to her covers of Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok” and MGMT’s “Time to Pretend”, but with Diplo signed on as her producer, her original songs are Brit-pop good.  Her music videos are just as hot, including the cover song of Laura Branigan’s “Self Control.”  If the music thing doesn’t work, Sunday Girl (real name: Jade Williams) could always do magazine covers.  Check out some of the goods below.


The Pretty Reckless (yep, the band fronted by Gossip Girl’s Taylor Momsen) is headed to the states to roll out their first US tour after covering every big city across the pond.  Their album is currently still an import, but I assume this tour is a sign that Universal Music will finally/soon start marketing the band and eventually release the album in the states.

No qualms admitting that their songs are pretty damn good and Momsen carries one sick voice (and she is credited as a writer on every album track).

Check out some of their acoustic performances.  Tour schedule here – includes a stop in NYC: March 2nd, Santo’s Party House.  Yep, I’ll be at the show.


WHO: Los Angeles band Warpaint Emily, Theresa, Jenny, Stella.

COMPARISONS: An all-girl The xx, The Breeders in 2011 with a hint of Holly Miranda.

WORTHY: It’s chick experimental rock with balls, and their videos are almost like art.

MORE: Warpaint is one of those “bigger in the UK” bands at the moment, touring Austrailia and the UK in the next few months…AND FINALLY,  a band that Spacey Tracy, founder of Pulp Carnivale, and I can actually agree on.


What’s the matter? You hurt yourself?
Opened your eyes and there was someone else?
Now i’ve got you in the undertow.
Now i’ve got you in the undertow.
Why you wanna blame me for your troubles?
Ah ah ah you better learn your lesson yourself.
Nobody ever has to find out what’s in my mind tonight.

Here’s a free MP3 download (thanks to NME) of Detroit indie pop new artist Alex Winston‘s single “Sister Wife.”   HOT.

The wacky sounds of LCMDF feel a bit like CSS, Brazilian Girls, and MEN.  It’s experimental pop hailing from Finland, and it’s good.  Check out their official video for Gandhi:

French-actress-turned-indie-folk-artist Soko brought her charm and her anger to the intimate little stage in the Lower East Side’s Living Room as part of CMJ week.  She quickly ran through songs that she described were either about “death or lies”, and after the 35-minute set (which she hoped would actually be three hours), it’s certain she’s likely a headcase.  She’s able to laugh at her own misery in some of her songs – while in others (“For Peter”, dedicated to her friend that she saw overdosing in front of her), it’s just all misery.  Maybe all she really needs is a hug?  Maybe I gave her one – or two.


Watch for the burp and the sing-along:

“For Peter”:

Holly Miranda, one of my “Babewatch” picks of ’09, took part in the CMJ line-up on Saturday, 10/23, as part of Baeble’s live music sessions at Bowery Electric in the East Village, NYC.  Miranda still falls under one of the best vocalists to come out of the Brooklyn scene (in my humble opinion), and Kanye West’s endorsement of her track, “Slow Burn Treason”, via his blog in early ’09 helped give her that buzz.  During her acoustic set, she belted through “Waves” and “Pelican Rapids”, but “No One Just Is” was the haunting standout. 

Video of “No One Just Is”:


“Pelican Rapids”

Fiona Apple recently sat down for Andrew Zuckerman (photographer currently working on a new project called Music) to share the value and the impact that music has made in her life.  The six-minute Apple rant pretty much confirms what we’ve always known about Fiona: she feels most comfortable and socially accepted when she communicates through music – going as far as to relate performing music to sex and as her bait to making friendships:  “I feel sometimes that doing music has just really been a vehicle for me to be able to make the friends that I’ve made.”

She delves into her childhood memories: feeling lonely and miserable at the age of 11, the odd singalongs from her mother’s Christmas parties, and her obsession with writing short stories and essays about war, racism, and life after death.  She definitely serves up the crazy, but there’s a whole lot of emotion and honesty that comes through in her storytelling that makes the overall message about music pretty compelling.  What’s most interesting about the clip is that (for once) she realizes her gift.  We can all agree with her: she is a natural.

Below is an audio recording from Fiona Apple that turned up on YouTube – from a Largo performance in ’09 – assuming in collaboration with Jon Brion.

According to Michelle Branch (and her tweets), she’s heard two new tracks from Fiona Apple last week.

“Hate to brag but I heard a couple new Fiona Apple tracks today. Amazing.”

Safe to say that Fiona will in fact return with another masterpiece next year – provided no label issues and protests to “Free Fiona.”  We’ve been teased with collaborations with Jon Brion and even Margaret Cho since 2005’s Extraordinary Machine – it’s about time we all get the real deal.  No real set date or an official release from Epic Records or Sony, but all signs point to spring 2011.