I won’t go into great detail about the new tattoo that my friend (who will remain anonymous, though his name rhymes with Thristopher Jett) recently got in a parlor in NYC’s West Village. If this was my arm, the artist that created this would be out of a job and the joint would be closed for business until further notice.  I would’ve raised hell.

Thristopher happens to be a Texan gentleman, so such events never happened.  He’ll be going back to get it fixed soon – hopefully this artist has studied magic.  Moral of the story:  Conduct a spelling bee with your tattoo artist before sitting down in the chair, or you might be scarred for life.

(Thristopher might regret texting this photo over to me, but the story had to be told…)


The Drums played a 45 minute set last night (January 19th) at the more intimate stage in Webster Hall (The Studio) to a crowd of 250 max (part of a benefit show for Dan Duggins).  The highlight of the night was their cover of The Supremes’ “Where Did Our Love Go”, completely hipsterdized and surprisingly amazing. The band attempted to re-do the crowd favorite “Let’s Go Surfing” – slowed down, different arrangement – but it just didn’t quite work; and they knew that – prefacing with “We’ve never done it like this, it might be awful.”

I’m a HUGE fan of The Drums and have been for about two years now, and as they continue to blow up even more, it seems like they’ve lost a bit of that polished sound that I remember from their earlier days.  Frontman Jonny Pierce nails the Mick Jagger swagger and even a little David Bowie, but the vocals have taken a shift – doesn’t have the same melodramatic and simple (delicate, maybe?) tone you hear on their tracks anymore.  I’m still a huge fan…but I do miss the days of their Don Hill’s and Brooklyn Bowl shows….(side note:  Bring back the tambourine, Jacob Graham! No one plays it quite like you.)

Photos from the show below.  Till the next one!


Cake should be excited about topping Billboard’s 200 Albums chart this week, but that also came with some disappointing history-making news.  The 44k sales shift of “Showroom of Compassion” makes this debut the lowest sales numbers to rank at the top of the charts, according to Soundscan.   It’s a sad time for music.

WHO: Michigan band Lightning Love

COMPARISONS: A tamed down Metric meets Eisley

WORTHY: Pretty simple lyrics matched with simple production – and catchy.

MORE: The vocalist and drummer happen to be brother and sister – just like Eisley.


On My To-Do In 2012…

Posted: January 18, 2011 in Ed-G Tales, Edgicated People

The 10th Annual No-Pants Subway Ride took place last weekend and 5k New Yorkers showed up in the cold to strip down and do nothing but ride the subway.  This should be on every New Yorker’s bucket list.

Jena Malone, from movies like Into the Wild and the girl who played the “religious” pregnant teen in Saved!, has gone stripper.  Check out the (mediocre) new single, “Electric Love”, from Dirty Vegas – yes, THAT Dirty Vegas – as Jena tries her best hand at dancing with a pole – not so much ON the pole.

Who’s down with G-O-D now?

I am a man, man, man, man
Up, up in the air
And I run around, round, round, round this down town and act like I don’t care.
So when you see me flying by the planet’s moon,
You don’t need to explain if everything’s changed
Just know I’m just like you.

This will be the best news you hear all day.  ALL DAY.

The Strokes will release their new album (still untitled) March 22nd.  The news was confirmed by the band’s bassist (on his Facebook – I’m sure their publicist was hoping to issue a nice little press release to get the news out – good ol’ social media does it again).  It’s been a solid five years since their last album, so expectations are high.  I can’t wait for this one.


The Pretty Reckless (yep, the band fronted by Gossip Girl’s Taylor Momsen) is headed to the states to roll out their first US tour after covering every big city across the pond.  Their album is currently still an import, but I assume this tour is a sign that Universal Music will finally/soon start marketing the band and eventually release the album in the states.

No qualms admitting that their songs are pretty damn good and Momsen carries one sick voice (and she is credited as a writer on every album track).

Check out some of their acoustic performances.  Tour schedule here – includes a stop in NYC: March 2nd, Santo’s Party House.  Yep, I’ll be at the show.


Two Door Cinema Club JUST released a new video for their track What You Want” – check it out and make sure to head to their Facebook page to get a free MP3 download of the remixed track.  Pump it up, Char!