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In his own quiet and awkard demeanor, Chris Garneau celebrated the release of his sophomore album, El Radio, with an intimate show (and CD release party) in the West Village’s newest music venue, Le Poisson Rouge, on Thursday night (July 9th).  


After a short tour in China (where he was quarantined due to the swine flu “outbreak” in the US), Garneau returned to resident fans in NYC for a 14-song setlist.  Composed of mostly new songs from his latest (with a couple of nods to his C-Sides EP and one track off of his debut, Music For Tourists), he took us through struggles – uncertainty, escape, misery, and a glimmer of a possibility that things can only get better (“You’re so right.  I torture myself in the night.  I know you love me, but be smart.  Offer solutions, instead of your heart”from “Raw and Awake”). 


A personal highlight of the night was his song “Over and Over”.  The song in itself is brilliant and simple: beating us down with repeated verses and choruses, dropping the mighty f-bomb with firmness, giving us a taste of what the ex might have taken him through.  His bravest lyric of the night may even come from here:  “We’re all cursed anyway..and that’s how it goes…It’s all up to me now.  There’s a lot of work to do.  Leave me be.  I am through.” 


Garneau shared that a new album is already in the works – a collection of songs for the winter season (and he gave us a taste of it with one song last night).  Dreary and sad, but what else would we expect?

Check out two video’s from last night’s show – thanks to Jayvee of The Round Table!

Chris Garneau: July 9, 2009; Le Poisson Rouge, NYC Setlist:

Hands on the Radio

Leaving Song

Dirty Night Clowns

Raw and Awake

No More Pirates


Hometown Girls

Winter Song (new song)

Castle Time

The Island Song

Over and Over

Love Zombies

Pirates Reprise


Black Out


Less than a week before the release of her new album, Far, Regina Spektor fought her nerves and returned to her stomping grounds of NYC and performed a 22-song set at the Beacon Theater (June 17, 2009).

It’s unbelievable to sit and watch her work every key on her grand piano without effort and create sounds with her voice like no other performer (including a dolphin noise – on key).  To say she was on-point, charming, and brilliant as the night progressed is putting it very lightly.  She remains modest, thrown aback by how fascinated we all were by her performance (which included a moan in unison after announcing her final song to the sold-out crowd).  Every note in tune.  Every thank you was genuine. And every album in her arsenal was touched at some point throughout the night.

She’s a performer with several albums and music videos that don’t entirely capture her real talent.  To appreciate the overwhelming and in-your-face raw talent, you’ve really got to experience it live and first-hand.

Head to her myspace page this week for a full album preview, before the release on June 23rd.

My photos and setlist below…



1.  Folding Chair

2. Lucky Penny

3.Time is All Around

4. Eet

5. The Calculation

6. Machine

7. One More Time with Feeling

8. On the Radio

9. Blue Lips

10. Riot Gear

11.  Laughing With

12. Bobbing for Apples

13. That Time

14. Apres Moi

15.  Human of the Year

16.  Poor Little Rich Boy

17. Holocaust

18. Consequence of Sound

19.  Man of a Thousand Faces


20. Samson

21. Us

22. Fidelity

There’s only a few bands that can lyrically pose the saddest times (heartbreak, loneliness, mourning) into a song that actually leaves you content right when you hear the final note. The morbid words definitely stick, but the melody and arrangement happen to leave you with a sense of optimism or closure.

That’s always been Travis’ shtick.

This Glasgow band can even take the happier times (i.e. “My Eyes” and “Flowers in the Window”) and make them feel like it took a lot of growing pains and sad experiences before reaching a point in life that feels just right.  On Saturday night, April 25th, at Webster Hall, Travis gave a setlist that touched on many emotions, making it clear that it takes a certain gift to have the audience sing along to every chorus of every song, past and present (despite being a band that faded out of mainstream Brit pop after 2001’s “Sing” and “Side”).


Fran Healy carries the charm of the band.  From jumping off stage to walk through the audience during a down-tempo acoustic track (“Falling Down”), to churning out his traditional belts in each song, he’s what’s inspired the Chris Martin’s of the world to venture into this kind of melancholy genre (Coldplay, Keane, Snow Patrol).  Even without a spot on Billboard or a chance at radio airplay, Travis has never been one to compromise their sound.  That’s one of many things that makes this band pretty damn timeless.


2009 Setlist: Webster Hall NYC, April 25, 2009

Chinese Blues

Writing to Reach You

J. Smith

Selfish Jean


Something Anything

Long Way Down

Love Will Come Through




Eyes Wide Open

Falling Down


All I Wanna Do is Rock

Before You Were Young



New Amsterdam

Ring the Bell (sung by Dougie Payne)

My Eyes

Why Does it Always Rain on Me?

Flowers in the Window

Before breaking into “Sunday Afternoon”, it was made clear to everyone at City Winery that the song was written with the intent of giving someone the “permission to obsess” – obsess over a broken relationship.

“Talk about it to friends, get drunk, and just give yourself the time to say goodbye,” was Rachael Yamagata’s words of brooding wisdom. It seems that heartache is a recurring theme for Yamagata. Both her albums, Happenstance and Elephants…Teeth Sinking Into Heart have their fair share of songs that are straight-up bitter piano-ballads – based on suffering through relationships deemed questionable from the start – and that was exactly the banter that strung the show together on Friday night. Yet, rather than feeling like she was still wallowing over the heartbreak, Yamagata delivered her confessions to the crowd in her own charming way, giving a humorous turn to her once-broken self. Pathetic, she wasn’t – just human.

She was joined by Dan Wilson, the frontman for now defunct Grammy award-winning band Semisonic (also known as one of the biggest one-hit wonder bands in history, thanks to “Closing Time”). Wilson has been a song-writing partner for Yamagata since the start of her career, and the show was equally divided to give each performer the same amount of face-time with the audience. While Yamagata gave her solo signature growl and her shivering notes, giving off a tinge of Fiona Apple’s style, a comparison given to her since her debut album, Wilson would accompany with background vocals and guitar – and vice versa.

Together, they covered almost a two-hour show that included embarrassing confessions about exes, silly obsessions that led to broken wrists and stitches to the chin, cover songs, and a couple of audience sing-alongs orchestrated by both Yamagata and Wilson. Check out the setlist and photos below…


rachael and danrachaeldandan and rachaelrach2

Rachael Yamagata/Dan Wilson Setlist: April 10, 2009
Be Your Love – RY
Free Life – DW
What If I Leave – RY
Elephants – RY
Worn Me Down – RY
I Want You – RY
Sugar – DW
Breathless – DW
Easy Silence – DW
All Will Be Well – DW (Song written for the Gabe Dixon Band)
No One Else – DW
Sunday Afternoon – RY
All Kinds – DW
Faster – RY
Closing Time – DW/Semisonic cover song
Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around – (Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty cover song)
Duet – RY


The Killers played to a sold out audience at Madison Square Garden last night (Sunday, January 25th), belting out a setlist that covered the span of their progressive career.  The bitter cold of NYC was a huge contrast to the stage design that taunted us  with bright lights and palm trees.  Brandon Flowers delivered – not surprising – in his own awkward stage presence that he owns…and fans love.    Truth is, I have never seen a frontman carry so much weight on his shoulders (the weight of the entire band, not the feathered blazer he’s been sporting these days).  Soaring. Pitch-perfect. Staccato moves.

I would like to be Brandon Flowers.

It’s true.

In 2004, I saw them play at a bar in the Lower East Side.  It was before they were known.  Spin magazine’s Ultragrrrl (Sarah Lewitinn) sky-rocketed their cult fame by hanging with them,  writing about them, and hand-picking them to play at a special event at Rothko bar: Le Prom de Ultragrrrl, an 80s indie prom.  It was the day that Flowers and crew busted out their ruffled tuxedo shirts.   It was the day that the hipster girls dusted off their puffy sleeves.  It was the day my friend, Melissa, walked into Dave (the lead guitarist) as he took a leak.   Historic.

The January 25th, NYC, Madison Square Garden Setlist:

Losing Touch
Somebody Told Me
Smile Like You Mean It
This Is Your Life
Joy Ride
I Can’t Stay
Neon Tiger
Sam’s Town (Abbey Road)
Read My Mind
Mr. Brightside
All These Things That I’ve Done

On Top
For Reasons Unknown
Jenny Was A friend Of Mine
When You Were Young