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Before Bjork became the woman that attacked the reporter in a Thailand airport, she was the lead singer for alternative and progressive punk band The Sugarcubes.  Love her or hate her, she still has one of the best and most unique voices in music.  Check out “Motorcrash.”



The great people of Stereogum have given the best Icelandic artist a much-deserved indie-music tribute album – and giving it away for free…

Pulling out all the stops and creating a compilation featuring the Dirty Projectors (covering “Hyperballad”), Pattern is Movement (covering “Enjoy”), and Xiu Xiu (“Isobel”), the tribute gives Bjork’s already hard electronic sound an even heavier synth sound. 

Download here for free.


A babe – in that innocent, wouldn’t-hurt-a-fly kind of way….

This Icelandic singer is the polar opposite to Bjork, although they do share the same territory.  Their sounds are different, but the accent very much the same especially in the infectious track “Jungle Drum”.  Possibly one of the best two-minute tracks I’ve ever heard, and maybe because in some ways, it reminds me of what Nelly Furtado would’ve recorded during her Whoa….Nelly! heydays.  Check out the video below and catch Torrini when she returns to NYC in mid-August (at the Highline Ballroom).

This one’s for KB…