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After recording a video for “Song Away” MONTHS ago featuring comedian and musician Charlyne Yi, Hockey decided to give the video a different spin.  Check out the newest “Song Away”.  Though I can see this getting picked up by the few remaining music channels and possibly giving Hockey a big break post JCPenney back-to-school endorsement deal, I’m still partial to Charlyne’s version.

Hockey headlines Bowery Ballroom on Monday, March 15th, with guests The Postelles

Here’s the original video:


Any attempt at reviewing this Brooklyn (by way of Missouri) six-piece band’s show at the Bowery Ballroom last night, January 24th, will not do it justice.

More success lies ahead for the White Rabbits – they’ve got the chops and presence that’ll intimidate the Cold War Kids, and a non-egotistical way of commanding attention.  Pure musicianship in each member.

Pictures from their sick performance:

I’ve written plenty about The Drums in the past, and had yet another opportunity to see them at last night’s Bowery Ballroom SOLD OUT show (1/13) – some pictures below.  Their one hour set included tracks off of their EP, Summertime, mixed in with new tracks that’ll be featured in an upcoming full length album – to be released later this year.  I won’t go on about them because I’ve said plenty in previous posts.  I’ll let others tell you:

“New York’s official Coolest New Band…this might be the most contagiously energetic NYC band of the past 10 years.” — NME

“Effortlessly mixes two disparate styles – Joy Division’s brooding, post-punk vibe and a strong dose of Dick Dale – into a jumpy, three-minute jam that’s catchier the H1N1” — Rolling Stone

Voted #1 Best Hope for 2010 – Pitchfork

Hockey, Portland-based and awesome.  Photos from the August 10th Mercury Lounge show below…

After the show, lead singer Ben Grubin shared that they’ll be returning to NYC in October – although no dates have been scheduled (hoping it’s part of the CMJ music showcase!).  He also clarified the album release of October 6th (previously slated for September).  Last, he showed a little shame after I mentioned JCPenney’s gig a few days prior at Bowery Ballroom.  Understandable that they’ll want that promotion to pass, but we’ll have to wait and see how much it’s really gonna help album sales…

And yeah, he wore the same shirt he wore to Bowery.  How hipster.


My pix from the August 8th JCPenney event at Bowery Ballroom featuring Hockey (for the JCP Front Row promotion).  The event was for tweens, except for the handful of hardcore fans that managed to get an invite to the event.  Despite this sellout move (with more JCP events taking place in Dallas and L.A.), this band is one to watch.


My photos from Passion Pit’s second sold-out show at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC (on Saturday, June 20th).

In one word:  Awesome.

Their next visit to NYC is opening for Phoenix on September 25th at Rumsey Field in Central Park…


As Interpol continues to fade into the abyss and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah struggle to keep afloat, the British have stepped in – officially.  Exhibit A:  The two sold-out shows at the Bowery Ballroom on March 26th and March 27th with The White Lies and Friendly Fires.

Planted in the front row (for both shows like a crazy fan), the support from my behalf was for the Friendly Fires, having only heard a few tracks from the White Lies’ debut album, To Lose My Life.  As they opened the show, after a solid three minutes, it was clear why their album has earned the #1 spot on the charts for three weeks in the UK.  I’m now a huge fan.

The modern industrial sound takes you through a blend of emo for adults, not for the My Chemical generation.  It’s Interpol with a hint of Brandon Flowers glam-rock.  Harry McVeigh’s vocals are strong and rough around the edges – I would later find out that he was struggling with a throat infection which caused the band to cut the setlist by two songs…but McVeigh handled it like a pro – both nights.dsc001222dsc00152dsc00136dsc001561dsc001451


As McVeigh struggled through some of the songs that pushed the chords, the die-hards chimed in and sang “Let’s grow old together – and die at the same time!” (from their hit “To Lose My Life”), pretty much a reassurance to the band that they’ve got a chance to be the next Kings of Leon if they play their cards right.

At the after-party, the one good piece of information we managed to get from the band is that they are returning to New York in September – not officially announced – but Terminal 5 will be the venue.  Front and center.

Check them out, making their US debut, on the Late Show with Letterman:

Then, the Friendly Fires stepped in to close out the show.  The immediate reaction to lead singer Ed McFarlane’s moves are greeted with shock and laughter, before everyone realizes that his dancing is no joke.  It’s a British hipster’s take on “the Carlton”: on-stage gyrating to cowbells, drum solos and singing about moving to Paris, about still being sick in and out of love, and about reconnecting with that someone – and all done with a euro-pop-rock mix that would make Erasure and New Order jealous.

dsc000111dsc000281dsc000451dsc000511dsc000701dsc000761In the 50-minute set, the Friendly Fires gave one of the best performances I’ve ever seen at the Bowery Ballroom – McFarlane even jumped into the crowd during “On Board” to bust his moves during Friday night’s show.  He was unlike any other frontman I’ve ever seen, quite possibly in need of Ritalin, and even making Brandon Flowers seem straight and straight-laced.  It’s a must-see.

The Friendly Fires, March 26/27 2009 Bowery Ballroom Setlist:
1.        Lovesick
2.        Jump in the Pool
3.        Skeleton Boy
4.        In the Hospital
5.        White Diamonds
6.        Strobe
7.        On Board
8.        Paris
9.        Ex Lover

Check out “On Board”- all acoustic and done for

Although the level of entertainment from both bands should never be compared (they are both too different), I will say that the White Lies are destined for US success.  Their sound can blend into mainstream, and McVeigh isn’t too outrageous, so the mid-West will find him a little more acceptable.  In my ideal world, the Friendly Fires will blow everyone’s socks off, but for now, just as content to be a part of the cult following.

Till next time.