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A pair of sexy legs (attached to Paulina Rubio) were a guest on MTV3’s studio show last week.  In a rare performance from Rubio, no back up vocals or lip synching took place.

In many Latin entertainment shows televised outside of the states, many, if not all, artists cop out like Britney Spears and sing to their own track, so to come across this performance of Paulina singing, and singing well, is a nice change.  She sounds and looks amazing, and even in her simple stance and delivery, she fires off her signature sexiness we’ve all come to expect.

Looking forward to her album, out end of June.



Britney’s “Womanizer” continues to be the most covered song of the year, but no one would ever expect that Scottish rockers Franz Ferdinand would join the party.

This isn’t even a song that they decided to cover at a recent show, only to be videotaped by a crazy fan and posted online…this is a legit recording of the track.

The verdict? Probably the best cover yet.  Rather than stripping it down to an acoustic version or an overly pop rendition that’s all too similar like the original Spears’ cut, Ferdinand created a version that’s their own: harmonies in the right places, Brit-pop synths, and Alex Kapranos’ vocals are dead serious without a hint of a smirk.

Check out a youtube video of the track below, then head here to download the track to keep for your “Womanizer” cover collection.