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After THIS went down without an explanation, we can finally sleep at night.  Hopefully this video won’t disappear again…it’s too good not to be seen. Even if you’re not a fan of Fiona, you can’t watch this and not admit that she’s got an undeniably strong vocal.  They don’t make them like this anymore…



Local NYC Downtown “It” girl, as pegged by NY Magazine, Lissy Trullie released a video for her cover of Hot Chip’s “Ready for the Floor” – a clear stand out from her ep, Self-Taught Learner.

Trullie aced the cover song – a definite on-repeat type of track and one that Hot Chip should be pretty impressed with.

Check it out.


Yuill covers Radiohead’s “Packed Like Sardines in a Crushed Tin Box”.

After years of waiting
After years of waiting nothing came
And you realize you’re looking,
Looking in the wrong place

I’m a reasonable man
Get off my case


Nirvana should remain untouched.  It should be a rule of thumb for any band to never cover one of their songs, especially the classic “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

Except for Winter Gloves.  Here’s what they did right:

1.  Children’s choir.

2.  A sound that can easily be a sample of Fisherspooner’s “Emerge.”

3.  A cover that doesn’t make you cringe  – not once.

There Goes The Fear has the MP3 up for grabs, but listen to it below.

Britney’s “Womanizer” continues to be the most covered song of the year, but no one would ever expect that Scottish rockers Franz Ferdinand would join the party.

This isn’t even a song that they decided to cover at a recent show, only to be videotaped by a crazy fan and posted online…this is a legit recording of the track.

The verdict? Probably the best cover yet.  Rather than stripping it down to an acoustic version or an overly pop rendition that’s all too similar like the original Spears’ cut, Ferdinand created a version that’s their own: harmonies in the right places, Brit-pop synths, and Alex Kapranos’ vocals are dead serious without a hint of a smirk.

Check out a youtube video of the track below, then head here to download the track to keep for your “Womanizer” cover collection.

l_5b1be4876ff04b309e7466c0bd5571e1DJ Die Young and Noel Heroux do up a Robyn cover of “With Every Heartbeat” – converting it into a techno track that matches, possibly surpasses, the goodness of the original.

“We could keep trying
but things will never change
So I don’t look back
Still I’m dying with every step I take
But I don’t look back”

Worth the listen.

The best female singer-songwriter of the past 12+ years has resurfaced with a slick Frank Sinatra cover that’s pretty damn impeccable. But, we’ve come to expect that from Fiona.

A shout out to JayVee of music blog “The Round Table “ for the genius find.  Fiona Apple fans stick together, so as more news breaks, we’ll blast it.  More should be coming this year, if all of our stars align.  Let’s hope Fiona’s gone through another painful heartbreak, naturally creating another masterpiece of an album.

Check out the track “Why Try to Change Me Now” on youtube, and buy it on the Cy Coleman tribute album called That Was Then and Now is Now – but step away from the scotch.


Only Brandon and Crew can pull off a cover by Bright Eyes.  Brilliant.  They take folk-pop and give it a tech-rock lift.  It works.    

The track can be found on the new Spaceman EP to be released 4/14.  Also included in the EP is another bonus track, “Tidal Wave,” sure to be another standout. 

Check out the cover of “Four Winds” below:

Lissy Trullie, by way of New York City, masters one of Hot Chip’s hottest tracks (and one of the most covered ones), “Ready for the Floor”.  She manages to make Duffy’s ballad cover from ’08 pale in comparison.

Not to be overlooked:  Check out her myspace page, listen to “Self Taught Learner” and “Boy Boy”, and catch her April 9th @ Union Hall in Brooklyn.

Get “Ready for the Floor” here.