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Fiona Apple recently sat down for Andrew Zuckerman (photographer currently working on a new project called Music) to share the value and the impact that music has made in her life.  The six-minute Apple rant pretty much confirms what we’ve always known about Fiona: she feels most comfortable and socially accepted when she communicates through music – going as far as to relate performing music to sex and as her bait to making friendships:  “I feel sometimes that doing music has just really been a vehicle for me to be able to make the friends that I’ve made.”

She delves into her childhood memories: feeling lonely and miserable at the age of 11, the odd singalongs from her mother’s Christmas parties, and her obsession with writing short stories and essays about war, racism, and life after death.  She definitely serves up the crazy, but there’s a whole lot of emotion and honesty that comes through in her storytelling that makes the overall message about music pretty compelling.  What’s most interesting about the clip is that (for once) she realizes her gift.  We can all agree with her: she is a natural.

Below is an audio recording from Fiona Apple that turned up on YouTube – from a Largo performance in ’09 – assuming in collaboration with Jon Brion.


According to Michelle Branch (and her tweets), she’s heard two new tracks from Fiona Apple last week.

“Hate to brag but I heard a couple new Fiona Apple tracks today. Amazing.”

Safe to say that Fiona will in fact return with another masterpiece next year – provided no label issues and protests to “Free Fiona.”  We’ve been teased with collaborations with Jon Brion and even Margaret Cho since 2005’s Extraordinary Machine – it’s about time we all get the real deal.  No real set date or an official release from Epic Records or Sony, but all signs point to spring 2011.



After THIS went down without an explanation, we can finally sleep at night.  Hopefully this video won’t disappear again…it’s too good not to be seen. Even if you’re not a fan of Fiona, you can’t watch this and not admit that she’s got an undeniably strong vocal.  They don’t make them like this anymore…


Fiona Apple’s performance (the Cy Coleman cover, “Why Try And Change Me Now”) from LA’s Largo that I posted last night has been removed from Vimeo by the “owner” of that clip.  The clip does not exist on Youtube.  It suddenly went to PRIVATE (see entry below), and a new search on Vimeo leads to no results.  It had been posted for three months, and now it’s suddenly gone.

WHY?! That was an incredible performance, amazing quality, and one of her best.  That should be shared.  That’s my plea…


From her awkward stance to her uncomfortable sense of stage fright, this quiet confidence she tends to give off takes a back seat to her undeniable talent.  Fiona Apple can do no wrong in my eyes.  This is one of her best live performances I’ve ever seen…and I’ve seen plenty! UNREAL.

Fiona Apple sings “Why Try To Change Me Now” with Dave Palmer on piano at the Cy Coleman tribute show at Largo at The Coronet.Fiona’s studio recording of this song appears on the forthcoming Cy Coleman tribute album “Witchcraft, The Songs of Cy Coleman” from Notable

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Fiona Apple and sister Maude Maggart (cabaret singer popular around the NYC circuit – and beyond) paired up for this rare accapella version of “It’s Only a Paper Moon.”  I’m not sure how this slipped from my radar, but glad I fell upon it. Their voices are damn perfect.  I also happened to have missed Fiona while she was in town TWO weeks ago!  Fiona and I have a lot to catch up on…I have so many questions that need answers.  Tons.

An excerpt from the Village Voice article on Maude Maggart, who’s scheduled to perform at the Oak Room in NYC through the end of May:

Maggart (whose little sister, Fiona Apple, was present at her opening last Tuesday) maintains a careful balance between traditional cabaret fare, show tunes, and standards, not to mention material rarely heard in the Oak Room, from the Incredible String Band to the Roches to Dolly Parton.

The best female singer-songwriter of the past 12+ years has resurfaced with a slick Frank Sinatra cover that’s pretty damn impeccable. But, we’ve come to expect that from Fiona.

A shout out to JayVee of music blog “The Round Table “ for the genius find.  Fiona Apple fans stick together, so as more news breaks, we’ll blast it.  More should be coming this year, if all of our stars align.  Let’s hope Fiona’s gone through another painful heartbreak, naturally creating another masterpiece of an album.

Check out the track “Why Try to Change Me Now” on youtube, and buy it on the Cy Coleman tribute album called That Was Then and Now is Now – but step away from the scotch.