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Hands down:  Kanye West has put on Saturday Night Live’s best musical performance  – to date.

Let’s all agree to have a “toast for this douchebag.”


About a year ago, I had to give Holly Miranda a Babewatch shout-out, because she not only carried the range and songwriting talent that’s hard to find within mainstream “pop”, but also because she has that non-egotistical and hot edge that translates to marketability.  Kanye West took to his blog a year ago to sing her praises and TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek took charge of the production behind her debut album, The Magician’s Private Library, out tomorrow February 23rd under XL Recordings.  She’s a fresh take on Mazzy Star and Cat Power, with some bite.  Check out an amazing cover of Tool’s “AEnema” and download the MP3 here, thanks to Lizzyville.


This morning, I came across this awesome little interview that Time Out New York JUST had with newcomer Holly Miranda, as she slowly becomes a buzzword around the New York City music circuit. 

Things I learned:

1) She was born in Detroit and dropped out of school at 16 to move to NYC, where she started playing shows in the East Village.

2) Kanye West is a BIG fan and The New York Times and Vanity Fair have already expressed their fascination with Miranda. 

3) She’ll be a spectator at Coachella, mostly to witness Leonard Cohen do his thing.

4) She follows Steve Buscemi on Twitter.

5) She carries her Wonder Woman poster wherever she moves.

Check out the interview here.