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British pop singer, Sunday Girl, is the total package:  hot with a voice (marketable).  She’s making more noise in the UK, thanks to her covers of Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok” and MGMT’s “Time to Pretend”, but with Diplo signed on as her producer, her original songs are Brit-pop good.  Her music videos are just as hot, including the cover song of Laura Branigan’s “Self Control.”  If the music thing doesn’t work, Sunday Girl (real name: Jade Williams) could always do magazine covers.  Check out some of the goods below.



During their recent tour, Ben Folds has decided to cover Ke$ha‘s #1 hit, “Sleazy”, all as a result of being unsure on which cover to go with and blindly going on Itunes and deciding to go with whatever track was #1 on the charts.  It’s an interesting take on the original…never thought I’d hear Ben Folds take on some rap behind the piano.


I’m not sure if it’s her white-trashy style, her love of drinking, her crass interviews, or the fact that she doesn’t take herself too seriously – but I am in love with it all.  This isn’t even the style of music I prefer – it’s overproduced, not indy, not the best songwriting…and understand I might be losing some edgy points, but truth is, I can’t get away from it and I’ve let her suck me into it.  I’m a fan.  She’s polarizing for some people, but not so polarizing to dominate the #1 spot on Billboard for 9 straight weeks – a record that hasn’t been broken by any other female with a debut single for over 30+ years.  Unsure if she’ll be a one-hit-wonder as some critics are speculating, but if it’s based on her follow up single, “Blah Blah Blah” featuring 3Oh!3, then it’s safe to say she’s well on her way to prove them wrong. 

Check out her new video, and a performance from a UK talk show – uncensored.